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Portable fault recorded machine is mainly used to record, calculation and processing of waveform or data collected metro electrical system, with the transient wave record, record the transient fault waveform, is applied to the analysis of the metro power supply system after the transient fault waveform, judge fault reason and fault location, fault clearing time voltage more limited start;Start with the more current limit;Metro power supply system frequency oscillation;Positive/negative/zero sequence is limited;Total harmonic distortion rate;Analog channel rate;Don't start balance;Cross the trigger, and other functions.
Portable three-phase power quality analyzer used in metro power supply system, power quality monitoring, voltage and frequency spectrum, the transient fault waveform of voltage drop and oscillation, harmonic (50 times), flicker, imbalance, and other functions, is one of the indispensable equipment in the power of rail transit industry.
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